Why Web Videos are Great for Your Business

Video Recording For Your Business | Absolute Video

If you’ve been trying to think of a great way to get your business’s message across on your website and social media sites, we encourage you to think outside of the computer screen. We have noticed over here at Absolute Video that all of our favorite websites contain not just great written content and captivating images, but these websites are creating videos. We love the idea of adding videos to websites for a whole host of reasons.

For one, videos are a great way to portray your company’s personality through a captivating medium. Your potential customers will be able to gather so much more information about your company from a video as opposed to if you wrote the same content out on your site. They will see your values, your products, your store, your services… all within a couple of seconds of video. It’s a great way to get your customers to connect with your company before they start interacting with you personally.

Videos are both interactive and informative. The vast majority of people prefer watching videos to reading written content. It’s the reason why we’re having trouble coaxing children away from the TV and towards books. Videos are entertaining, and they will actually enable customers to visually see what you are offering – all in a shorter amount of time than it would take them to read through your site.

Not only are videos super informative, but they are also great for increasing your rankings in search engines (SEO). Getting your page to rank first among others in a Google search is the holy grail of internet marketing. Videos will attract visitors from Google, from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter.

Once your company creates a video, you are able to upload it to YouTube (the second most popular search engine). You can post it on your site for current customers, and share it on social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. All of these actions look great in the eyes of Google crawlers – who are probing your site, trying to decide if you are worthy of ranking highly or not.

Aside from SEO purposes, your video will allow your site visitors to connect with your company on a level that cannot be duplicated by written words.

If you are considering making a video for your company, give us a call. Our professional staff is highly trained in producing, shooting, and editing great web commercials.