Why Video is Vital on Your Company’s Website

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Video marketing is truly the way of the future. It brings your company to life and creates a lasting impression in your clients’ minds. Here’s why video is vital on your company’s website:

Videos are how the modern consumer consumes content.

Consumer watching multiple videosFewer consumers are viewing ads printed in newspapers or hearing radio spots—but billions of consumers view videos online each day. Every day, 75 million people in the United States alone watch online videos, and just mentioning the word “video” in the subject line of an email makes the recipient 13 percent more likely to open it.

Video engages short attention spans.

Contemporary consumers have short attention spans and are unlikely to watch a video that’s longer than a minute or two. Think the short attention span means less engagement? Think again. Viewers retain 95 percent of a message conveyed by video, versus just 10 percent of a textual message.

Video makes your website more compelling.

Video adds to visitors’ engagement with your site, and creates enduring connections based on compelling, interactive experiences.

At Absolute Video, we’ll work with you to design an online video ad to deliver your message in an impactful and original 30-second to two-minute spot. On a tight budget? No problem. We can create a powerful video from stock footage and/or your existing marketing materials. If you’re looking for an affordable, professional service with top-notch production values, Absolute Video can help you succeed in the digital marketplace.