Why Hire a Video Production Company for Your Commercial?

Commercials can be a time-consuming project; there are various costs and manpower required to create one that is highly effective. If your business makes the decision to create and produce a commercial segment, there are some important essentials that need to be included if you want a professional and engaging presentation. One thing to remember is that you don’t have to pay to create a professional commercial that will attract customers and get your business name out there.

When you do hire a professional video production company like Absolute Video, here are some things to remember when shooting the commercial.

Making Your Commercial Authentic

Research over the years has proven that people connect with other people. It is much easier for someone to relate to a commercial spot with people in it; than it is to connect with an ad filled with animation or voice-overs reading product descriptions. Having your employees in the commercial being themselves is important for the viewer to relate.

Planning and Organizing the Commercial

An unplanned production cannot be an effective one. Your commercial should be planned properly and organized in detail to achieve the best results. Working closely with a professional production team is the best way to get this accomplished.

  • Good Script – Ultimately, the best commercials, tell a story; one that is understood and well-scripted. It’s highly important to obtain a good script writer for your commercial spot. It may seem like only two minutes of dialogue, if that much; but those two minutes can either be used effectively or wasted. Either way, your company will be paying the cost.
  • Your Audio and Video Must Match – The synchronizing of your audio and video is another part of good script writing and organization. Again, the best commercials tell stories, so whatever your characters are saying, should match the accompanying video clips. In simplest terms, your video and audio should be telling the same story, at the same time.
  • Call to Action – A call to action is the segment of your commercial where you encourage your customers to “buy now”, “get it now”, or “call us now”. Many inexperienced commercial creators may script an entire two to three-minute spot and forget the very important “call to action” that motivates viewers to make a purchase.

Hire a Professional Production Team

At Absolute Video, we have the ability to produce a high-quality and professional commercial for your company, as well as give you the proper post-production editing services needed for the commercial to turn into something special. Contact Absolute Video at 203-234-0153 today or visit us online for more information!