What to Know About Transferring to a DVD or Hard Drive

People constantly ask us, “what is best: storage on a hard drive or on a DVD?”

Although DVDs are gradually fading away, we always tell our customers that the more media you use to store your memories, the better off you’ll be in securing their safety.

DVDs offer a hard copy of sorts for storage that you can rely on, as long as they are also stored properly themselves. Blu-ray discs offer a more reliable storage resource and can handle a great deal of information. When it comes to storing on discs however, making multiply copies should be a priority. You can use one disc to play and keep another safely tucked away in a cool dry place. If something were to happen to the disc you had been using, you’ll have the backup readily available. Just be sure to make another copy to serve as a backup in its place.

Photos Safely Transferred to a Hard DrivePutting your memories on a hard drive proves beneficial as well, however this option is not fool-proof.

Drives tend to go bad over time, and sometimes the information lost is irretrievable. If you’re serious about storage, consider investing in a RAID 5. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. A RAID System consists of two or more drives working in parallel. If one fails, you will still be protected. RAID 5 only protects against a single drive failure. Two failures within a RAID 5 set will result in data corruption.

Ultimately the best way to store and keep your memories safe is by utilizing multiple storage resources. At Absolute Video, we believe that both storage options are valuable and should be utilized. Our team has the expertise and equipment necessary to transfer your data safely and successfully over to these storage resources, offering the most security for your digital belongings. Give us a call at 203-234-0153 to learn more about protecting your memories!