Video Production Bids For RFP Videographer

Changing Times Elicits Changing Procedures

Absolute Video in compliance with safety precautions during COVID-19 has been offering videotaping of facilities for prebids. In order to limit the amount of people walking through a building, Absolute Video now will provide walk through videotaping of various items to be considered for bidding. We then edit the footage complete with titles, a list of all the items presented as well as contact information. Once it is edited a file or a link can be sent to prospective bidders.

Why Choose This Service?

The way companies conduct business has changed with the recent spread of the COVID-19 Virus. No longer are large groups of people gathered in any given situation. This is true for conducting walk throughs in bidding for construction alterations or additions. Walking around with two people demonstrating the amount of work needed is a much safer method than strolling through buildings with 12 or more people. Also, the few people working still in the building do not need added bodies passing through their hallways. Instead one videographer recording and one individual from the company can adequately illustrate the type of work to be performed with simple gestures in each location. Now construction can continue to progress even in such limiting times.

How Does This Work?

Upon arrival to your site, Absolute Video will go over the items to be included in the prebid.

A small discussion involving the best way to proceed through the items in a concise effective way takes place between the videographer and the presenter. After being  equipped with a wireless mic the presenter, be it a member of the construction team or an architect will advance to each item describing what needs to be done along with the various trades involved in accomplishing these goals.

A summary of logistics and schedules can also follow. These can be presented with a map and schedule list, either through a visual aide or a pdf which can later be incorporated during post-production.

Upon completion of the shoot, the footage is brought back to the studio to be edited so that the project flows smoothly and accurately. Graphics, titles as well as a list of the items involved are included. Turnaround time is usually next day, but really depends on the length of the project. Some shoots take the whole  day if we are going through the entire building. Others are half day shoots which end up less than 10 minutes. Delivery is providing an mp4 file via download or flash drive. We can also provide you with a link to our site on Vimeo.

We are here to offer our assistance in helping your company conduct business in the best way possible during this pandemic.