Video and Your Online Presence: Web Advertising in 2017

On the web, content strategy has always been a vital part of every business’ online presence. Just a decade ago, that just meant the verbiage you put on your website. Today’s consumer, however, is more visual, and the longer a paragraph is, the less likely people are to read it. While text is still important, users are looking to read high-value content and more often than not, prefer something more digestible in visual mediums – photos, infographics and, of course, video.

Video MarketingVideo is becoming the online trend and it is important to adapt to the wants and needs of the consumer. Almost 25 percent of consumers prefer a company’s branding video to be in a video format, according to WireBuzz. That is to say they engage more with video that explains the brand, product or service to them. This helps them read body language and gauge facial cues on those in the video.

However, it’s also important to make sure that your video is well done, as consumers prefer quality over quantity. Don’t pump out video after video after video just to stream the marketplace. Clients prefer the care and strategy behind the video. It shows that you care about your product, and you will get a higher return on investment if you spend more time planning the content in the video and focusing on the quality of it.

Brian Halligan from HubSpot recommends that in the upcoming year, companies aim for having at least half of their marketing content in video formats. This applies to content marketing efforts both on your website and through your social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest visual platforms out there, and make up two of the most used applications on most smart devices, so it’s important to cater to these channels.

So your business caters to other businesses, and not directly to consumers? Video matters here as well. Tubular reports that 73 percent of business-to-business marketers stated in a recent study that video marketing is important to marketing strategy. The average business has 15 competitor products, says WireBuzz, which means that it’s all the more important to do all that you can to make your business, brand and product or service stand out in the fray. The primary purpose of video in a B2B arena is to increase brand awareness and engagement first, and then move on to self-promotion and sales leads.

It is important to go into 2017 with a strong video strategy to help drive your marketing and growth so you can get out ahead of your competitors. Don’t wait, call us to start driving your digital marketing services with our web commercial video production services. Contact Absolute Video & Photo today by calling 203-234-0153.