Tips For Scripting Your Videos


You’ve purchased a commercial time slot and scheduled the production; all of your planning and organization are about to become real. You will want to be confident about the story you wish to convey, and how that story comes across to your audience.


Scripting is one of the most important aspects of a great commercial. A bad script or mediocre dialogue may be remembered, in the worst of ways. You want your commercial to be remembered for its overall effectiveness and engaging script.


We offer a few tips for scripting a professional commercial video:


Define your main objective.

You should write down the main point or objective you are desiring to get across to your potential customers. It is vital that your business knows what image it wants to convey and exactly what you want to say to your viewing audience. Write down the statement or phrase you want to stick with viewers once the commercial is over.


Always consider the amount of commercial time allotted to you when developing your script.

The majority of commercial segments are 30 seconds, so you will need to be mindful to keep your script within this allotted time period. Going over your time on the day of production is highly unprofessional and could be costly.


Repeating information in your commercial is reinforcement for the viewer.

This may be one of the only times in a presentation where it is essential to repeat information. Many studies have reported that it takes a viewer a multitude of times to see and hear a commercial message, before it becomes imbedded in their minds. In the case of commercial scripting, repeating information is a must.


Hire a professional script writer.

As the business owner or representative, you should know what message and keywords you want included in your script, but if you are not a scriptwriter, it is wise to hire a professional. Your production company will be able to assist you with this part of the process if you don’t have the time or resources available to find a writer on your own.


Your script should be written for voice-over talent.

Your script writer should remain mindful that there is a certain way to write a script for voice-over talent, that is easily read and acted out. A professional script writer will know that there are various styles of writing, and writing for TV and radio requires scripts with a certain type of verbage that is more fluid and more easily illustrated through speaking.

There are specifics ways that words, pauses, and numbers should be written for a commercial using voice-over talent:

For example: “3” should be written out as “three”, every word should be capitalized, (this is a preference of many voice-over artists), and use a definite break in the lines where natural pauses in speech would normally occur.


A commercial representing your product and business should be memorable. When the commercial segment is over, viewers should be able to remember a line, phrase, or form of expression, that will link this visual to your company’s services.


Consulting with, and hiring a professional team, will make the process much easier, and your commercial much more successful in reaching your goals.