The President Is Using YouTube Videos To Reach The Younger Generation, Why Shouldn’t I?

As discussed in previous blogs, How to Make Your Web Commercials Trend and Remarketing Your Brand With A Web Commercial, having a web commercial, YouTube video series, or web commercial for your business can really bring a lot more customer or potential clients to your door. A web commercial brings awareness to your brand, shares the knowledge you have about your business, can make you an industry leader, and can create new ways to advertise and increase profit.

President Obama took this approach with his 2015 State Of The Union Address (#SOTU), which not only is available on YouTube, but also aimed at the younger generation with a follow-up interview with three of the nation’s biggest YouTube stars. Why would the POTUS do this? Because he has to find new ways to cater to his audience! Former President Bill Clinton performed a similar action when he championed the MTV generation while running for election.

So Why A Have An Interview On YouTube?

Well if you are the President of the U.S. and pioneer something like the SOTUA on YouTube, the media will have something to talk about and the world will watch intently to see what you will say. Especially 30 seconds of him making a snarky remarks to his campaign hecklers with “I know ‘cause I won both of them” fame.

Now he’s been interviewed post-State of the Union address by the three YouTube personalities; 52-year-old GloZell Green, 19-year-old Bethany Mota, and 34-year-old Hank Green. They went on the social media site to talk to President Obama, getting his new proposed policies out to entirely new demographics.

Go past the idea of the talks, but imagine how you could do the same with your business. Become the face of your industry and reach new audiences. All you have to do is put your trust in a professional production company that can make it all happen.

Television is moving to the internet in a major way. Specialized programming, movie previews and news programs are finding new audiences who want to watch. Absolute Video has your best interests in mind when creating a web commercial that will take your business to the next level.

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