The Importance of Training Videos: Learning Through Video

Handling heavy machinery and executing essential maintenance procedures are key to the success of your company. That starts with proper training to ensure that your employees are using the tools and equipment the correct way, ensuring efficiency and safety.

It’s said that people remember 80% of what they see, and only 10% of what they hear.

Enter: training videos.

Industrial Training Video When construction companies are in need of an efficient way to relay information for operation and maintenance of the systems in a new building or for a renovation to an exiting one, they turn to video.

The videos are then handed out to the maintenance and facilities personnel, as well as the owner as a reference or guide. Some even have the videos on their website for users to reference.

The videos also come in handy as new employees are hired and need to learn about the various systems. Videos can also be used for safety training, improving the work environment and well-being of your employees.

A more engaging training process

Videos are engaging.

They capture your attention, allowing you to sustain better focus. A training video is no different — studies show that employees are readily engaged with this type of material, and will carry the lessons learned with them for years to come.

Lesser costs in the long-run

Often overlooked, training videos, comparatively, are much cheaper than in-person training workshops. The cost of making the video and showing it is far outweighed by what an in-person workshop or trip may entail, which not only saves your company money, but also, time.

More beneficial for everyone

You can have an in-person workshop, but what if one of your employees isn’t as outgoing or receptive to that? You can do a seminar or lecture on training, but what if one of your employees isn’t the best student? Be it the employee who doesn’t take notes well, or the employee who doesn’t like in-person workshops, your safest bet is a video.

With videos, everyone’s learning styles are activated.

For these key reasons, a training video is immensely valuable to your company. Learning through video is cost-efficient, effective, and easy. At Absolute Video, we have extensive experience making videos for different industries involving heavy machinery, maintenance and safety. Call us at 203-234-0153 to learn more today!