The Importance of Creating TV Commercials for Your Business

Importance of TV Commercials | Absolute Video

Television commercials are catchy, in your face advertising that is proven effective. Although specific TV channels do have a specific audience, a TV channel will have tens, if not hundreds, of different types of programs every day, which draws in a large and diverse crowd. Therefore, television advertising can reach an audience who never would have heard about your product otherwise.


Unlike the internet, where ads are easy to ignore or skip, TV ads usually have to be sat through. According to Emarketer, a recent study shows that the average American spends 4 1/2 hours each day watching television–a figure which beats time spent on the internet. 99% of US households own at least one television, while computers are still more predominant at work and at school.


There are thousands of cheesy, painful television ads out there in the world, but a great ad can make a huge difference. If you can create an advertisement that stands out from the slog of the average small business advertisement, you will notice the difference in product sales and customer response to your brand.


Several advertisement campaigns in the recent past have made a huge impact on customer response and interest. Although Chipotle is a chain now, it started in Colorado with just a couple of restaurants. It is undeniable that their television advertising campaign has increased their brand popularity. Watch a few of their ads now to understand what quality television advertising is. We hope that you will be the next brand to follow in their footsteps!