The Elements of an Effective Safety Training Video

Nothing trumps employee safety when it comes to your work environment. People that operate heavy machinery must be taught early on in their employment the proper safety procedures expected by your company.

Engineer training a new employee

And one of the most effective ways of teaching them the safety standards is through safety training videos.

You can use videos to address concerns such as arc flash with electric switchgear, the proper operation of heavy machinery, proper dress attire with protective head and eye gear, and eye safety.

And coincidentally, studies have found that trainees only remembered 10% of the information from reading text, and 65% of the information when presented with an image or video.

Safety training videos should include:

Consistent messaging

Safety training videos ensure that the same level of training is given to all employees.

Often when we read safety procedures, they can be interpreted in many different ways, ultimately leading to miscommunication and misunderstanding about the expected procedures.

However, providing consistent messaging across safety training videos allows employees to see what is expected of them rather than making their own interpretations.

Short and engaging content

Employees learn best through content that is short and to the point. Engaging safety videos explain procedures in less time than safety manuals and thus ensures that they absorb the information they need.

Accessibility to all employees

With one united safety training process captured in a video, all of your employees, even those working remotely, will be able to receive the same level of safety training with ease.

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