The Benefits of Industrial Training Videos

Visual learning is becoming a very important asset to companies across various industries. It not only enhances training efforts, but has proven to be a successful way to communicate maintenance procedures and operations throughout a company and ensure a collective understanding of important information.

Provides Information to New Employees

Employee training videos increase learningThe purpose of training videos is to provide information to owners and maintenance crews on how to operate and maintain certain systems or pieces of equipment. But what happens when crews change, employees leave or retire? The information can easily be passed on through video. New employees will be able to view a DVD or disc image file and gain all the information necessary to understand and operate any piece of equipment in the building.

Ease of Gaining Information

Many companies provide generic DVDs or information about their equipment. These videos although very informative may not be site specific or relative to the piece of equipment placed in their particular building. By providing site specific video training you can be assured that they will be gaining all the detailed information relative to that job site.

In addition, we spend hours editing the material and provide chapter markers so that you can easily navigate through each DVD or disc image file. With just one click you can find out how to change filters or replace neutralization tank material. Much easier than thumbing through those thick O & M Manuals!

Increases Effective Learning

Video offers a better platform for your employees to fully understand the concepts being taught to them. When written text is used during training, you run the risk of employees interpreting the information in several different ways. Eliminate the miscommunication with visual examples. Instead of explaining in text how to do something, a video can show an employee how to do something.

Also, Trainees have the ability to ask questions which can provide valuable information. Questions that are personal to their own experiences can offer information that may not have been covered or even thought of.

Trust in the experts at Absolute Video to provide an industrial training video that reflects the quality and professionalism of your company. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee your employees and clients will appreciate the extra effort and service you’re providing. Give us a call at 203-234-0153 today to learn more about our various video solutions!