The Benefits of Incorporating Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The lively, more engaging counterpart to still images, short videos work to capture and maintain viewer attention while driving home a strong message for your brand.

Videos prove popular among consumers for the purposes of both entertainment and information. As quick and informative pieces of content, people prefer watching short videos to reading lengthy blocks of text.

Because of this, incorporating video in your social media marketing strategy leads to numerous benefits for your organization. Read on for what happens when you start including videos in your posts!

Engagement sharply increases with videos

Video Marketing ConceptEasy to share and post, easily digestible videos have quickly taken over today’s popular social media platforms. Users share videos they find valuable, giving the video more visibility across the site and increasing the video’s exposure.

When users see content shared by their friends, the likelihood of them also sharing the content increases. Engagement with videos is something you can count on in this on-the-go world, where consumers crave high amounts of information in short spans of time.

Videos can improve lead conversions

Qualified leads equal increased chances of making your sale.

Including video in your social media marketing strategy improves conversions by increasing email subscribers that eventually convert into customers. Viewers that enjoy your videos feel more compelled to act on the message, making them more likely to purchase an item or invest in a deal based on what they’ve watched.

Incorporating videos can strengthen your branding

Videos connect viewers with your brand, growing your business into a name people trust and identify with. Showing transparency, passion, and expertise in a topic conveyed through video attracts viewers who share your ideals. Creating clear, relevant messages for your social media audiences while providing some entertainment proves attractive to potential consumers as they look to do business with companies and business they know and trust.

Growing your brand through a digital platform like video attracts new and maintains old customers.

At Absolute Video, we understand that online video ads delivering your message in 30 to 120 seconds is a great way to help your business succeed in today’s world of business—the digital world.

Let us help you enhance your social media marketing strategy today with powerful online videos that can be showcased on your website and your various social platforms. Call us at 203-234-0153 today to speak with one of our experts!