The Benefits of Aerial Drone Photography for Construction

New construction projects can benefit greatly from drone photography. Capturing the project from start to finish can enhance contractors’ businesses and marketing. Portraying a project through visual for a client or customer can encourage them of your work.

With Absolute Video, we can provide high quality 4K video or a series of photographs to showcase your work.

Aerial Drone Photography for construction jobs

What do Drones Help with?

For one, projects can run over budget, and a drone can help prevent this from happening. Project managers and builders can use the data collected by the drone photography to understand how the construction is coming along.

  • Progress Tracking
  • Catch Early Problems
  • Cut-back on time and money
  • Improve Safety
  • Deliver Accurate Measurements

Completing work faster and more efficiently helps the construction industry grow and profit. The future of construction will rely heavily on aerial drone mapping and photography.

Who Else Benefits?

Surveying a land is also changing. Aerial Drone Mapping is growing in the Land Surveying Industry because they reduce the labor and time involved for accurate surveys. Construction workers will benefit from the improved safety of their work environment with the amount of accidents and hazards that will be eliminated from drones. A drone will also keep the site secure, monitoring what is traveling in and out of the jobsite. For inspections, drones make it easier to execute the difficult ones.

The ultimate benefit of aerial drone photography and video is that it has become much less expensive than helicopter and airplane photography services. This helps construction companies and contractors cut costs of their projects. Drones are capable of flying lower for different angles, which helicopters and planes cannot do.

Absolute Video

At Absolute Video, we have the capabilities to provide aerial drone photography and video services for a variety of industries. If you’re in the construction and development fields, we can give you high quality 4K video and photographs. Along with our training videos, this drone service plays a vital role.  Other industries such as real estate and businesses wanting commercials will also benefit from out services. Contact us at 203-234-0153 today!