The Art of Making an Impactful Documentary

Documentaries introduce audiences to new ideas, people, and events. As non-fiction pieces of art, making documentaries takes time, effort, and attention to detail. To make your film more impactful, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Create a plan

Impactful documentaries start with a well-contrived plan that outlines the details and timeline of the film. Choose a marketable and worthwhile topic you or your company are passionate about.

Focus on what story you want to tell and how you will tell it, considering all the little details that will make up your documentary.

Conduct thorough research

After you create your plan and select your topic, do your research.

Documentary Film MakingDocumentaries are non-fiction films that should be based on truth and facts. Try not to leave out important details when filming. After you conduct your interviews and read up on your sources, fact-check to ensure that the information you’ve obtained is accurate.

See what other documentaries exist about similar topics and find films supporting other sides to the issue you are focusing on. Decide the best people to include in your documentary that can explain the facts and figures you hope to share. Choose a knowledgeable protagonist for your film that the audience can trust to guide them through the story.

Emphasize the action

What takes a documentary to the next level is the focus on the action.

B-roll is extra footage that you can cut to that enriches your story and enhances your film. Obtaining plenty of b-roll allows us to give more visuals to your story, rather than stitching together endless interviews. Focus on the things your protagonist does daily: where they go and who they meet. If your documentary focuses on a controversial issue, include footage that expresses your feelings on the topic.

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