Tape to DVD

Absolute Video is your trusted Connecticut Tape to DVD transference company, accommodating and transferring all media formats.

We work with visual and audio media formats of all types and transfer them to the most useful and functional media types of today, making it easier than ever for you to watch, keep, update and remaster records and memories.

Over the years we’ve seen visual formats come and go, from film to 8mm, High-8, digital and more. We can play it all and transfer the footage to formats that you can easily duplicate, play, send and keep with you. While film footage loses its integrity over time and begins to break down, digital media is nearly impervious to decay. There is no generation loss when you transfer your tapes to digital formats and you can now play them on your computer, on your TV or anywhere, instead of using a projector or tape deck player.

Don’t let the memories you worked so hard to capture on film go to waste. Call Absolute Video to preserve them in digital formats today.


  • VHS, 8mm, Compact C, DV Tapes $19.95 each Over 5 $15 Each
  • mp4 file $30/tape over 5 $25/tape