Storyboarding A Web Commercial

Storyboarding is a great tool to use to plan out video shoots of all kinds, including web commercials. Storyboarding allows you a lot of flexibility, gives you plenty of time to plan ahead, and lets you tailor your shoot to exactly what you want and need, without spending excess money on shots you’ll eventually toss out.

The flexibility that storyboarding gives you is great for planning ahead. If you have everything that you need to put into your web commercial in different spots on the board, you can look at the big picture. Viewing the big picture allows you to tailor the commercial sequentially, in a way that will make sense to your viewers.

Editing A Storyboard

And, if you feel like your web commercial is not turning out to be what you wanted, or maybe seems a little boring, all you have to do to completely change the storyboard is change around the order of things. Storyboarding A Web Commercial

When you storyboard first, you’ll have tons of extra time to plan. Ultimately, this will save you money. The equipment you need during the shoot can all be ordered once the storyboard is completed or in progress, but if you wait to plan until after you’ve ordered the supplies, you’ll likely have wasted money on something you didn’t end up needing.

Storyboarding your web commercial is definitely the best way to plan ahead. Being prepared and knowing exactly what you want while you are visualizing your commercial on the storyboard will allow you to have a short, successful shoot, and you’ll end up with exactly what you want.


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