QR Code for On-Site Industrial Training Equipment

Absolute Video in keeping up with advancements in technology has recently incorporated QR coding for their industrial training projects. With the gradual elimination of the DVD format , projects are converted to MP4 and posted on our Vimeo account. Clients can view their trainings online. We take it one step further and transfer the MP4 to a QR (Quick Response) code. These codes once converted to labels, can be placed right near or directly on the industrial equipment. No more trying to locate the DVD or flash drive, or carrying your lap top around. Just download a QR code reader on your phone and scan the code! Your training is at your fingertips!

Such ease in transmittal of information benefits your maintenance crew, and makes the training experience worthwhile. This is especially important in regards to safety. These codes can be placed near or on electrical or high-risk equipment to make it mandatory to scan and view before proceeding with operating or maintaining the equipment.

We keep advancing forward in making our world more convenient, efficient and safe.

Absolute Video takes notice and keeps up with these new improvements.

Trust us to deliver your information with quality, professionalism, and effectiveness.