Converting Old Films to DVD This Holiday Season

As technology has changed over time, so has the way we have recorded our most special moments. This means prior technologies have become obsolete along with the devices we used to play those captured moments back.

Don’t let these memories get left behind on old technology and take advantage of digital conversion!

You can easily transfer over your old tapes, audio and videos, old films and photos to modern mediums, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Benefits of transferring to DVD or MPEG4

Protecting memories with digital conversion

Home Videos to DVDEven though they haven’t been used for recording in a long time, it appears that many people have a secret stash of leftover films stored away in their homes.

Wouldn’t it be great to watch those again?

By converting those old 8mm film, tapes, High-8 and other media types into digital files, you are able to put those memories to good use again: the perfect gift for the holidays!

Higher resolution

Even the oldest tapes and films can be converted to a more current platform, and with this conversion comes your memories in a higher resolution. Your old films will be of sound quality again, and won’t be degraded over time, commonly seen with old technologies.

Easier to use and watch

Nowadays, there are many devices that exist that can easily play digital videos. Whether it’s your computer, DVD player, or gaming system, the flexibility of a digital format allows you to be able to watch your favorite videos on several platforms, most of which are easier to use when compared to the old tech.

Durability and longevity of DVD

Unlike its predecessors, DVDs are extremely durable, made to be played back multiple times without being damaged. Not to mention, DVDs are built to last. Although there are skeptics who believe that DVDs will face their demise just as VHS tapes did, the DVD is going to stick around for a while. And putting your memories in a digital format is the best thing you can do right now to keep these once-in-a-lifetime moments protected.

Easily shared among family and friends

By switching to a more modern medium, you are making it easier to share your memories with the people you hold most dear. All of your reels, tapes, and whatever else was stowed away in the attic will be in one place, and it’s easy to make duplicate copies for everyone to share!

The process is easy and gives you a more reliable technology to store your cherished moments in. By taking your old films and burning them to a DVD, you can playback those moments with ease, reliving forgotten memories with your family this holiday season.

VHS Tapes to DVD

Converting VHS to DVD

The same thing goes for old VHS tapes also.

If you have old videocassettes, chances are they’ve been collecting dust and haven’t been viewed in a while since VHS players are obsolete and no longer sold in stores.

Bring them down to Absolute Video and let us get your VHS tapes moved to a DVD where you can enjoy everything you captured all those years ago.

Transferring photos and slides to DVD

When you take a picture, you do it with the intention of it lasting forever as a constant reminder of a moment in time. Unfortunately, pictures and slides aren’t impervious to damage and degradation, either. Keep them safe by having those slides and pictures transferred to a DVD, providing you with an easy place to go and view them.

Burn old media to MPEG4

It’s smart to transfer your media to MPEG4 because it is the file type that’s most compatible with both PC and Mac. MPEG4 makes it easy to edit your media, adding titles and music, which is something we, at Absolute Video, can also help you with.

Give the gift of memories to everyone

Now you may have captured a great moment, but it was with a large group or with your family. Instead of having everyone come over to see it, let us make duplicates of your videos. That way, you can send copies of your video to anyone who shared in these moments, so they can relive the memories on their own any time they like. This is also a great option for those who would like a backup to preserve your memories in multiple places, ensuring their safety.

Convert your memories to DVD or MPEG4 today and create the perfect gift for your loved ones to enjoy this holiday season. To learn more about our full range of services or for help getting a movie or pictures transferred to a more current storage medium, feel free to call Absolute Video today at 203-234-0153!