Video Production Company & Film Editing Services in Connecticut

Absolute Video is a full-service film production company providing complete video, lighting and audio in CT and NY. Our award-winning staff is dedicated to quality and customized service, making your videos exceptional. From conception and production to finishing touches – Absolute Video scripts, casts, lights, directs and produces your project.

From your personal family videos like wedding videos and recitals, to documentaries, infomercials, TV commercials, web videos and more, our professional team does it all.

If you are looking for marketing tools to convey your product or your company, we take your message and transform it into clear and captivating visual media to reach new audiences. If you are seeking a video chronicle of important events, we take your footage and turn it into an exceptional video to treasure forever.

With over 30 years of experience, we are ready to tackle any video project. Contact us today and tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you make the perfect video.