Preparing a College Recruitment Video

With fall sports coming to an end, many high school seniors are wrapping up their football, soccer or other autumn athletics careers, though many more will seek to continue their sports careers at a collegiate level. The only problem, there are only so many spots to go around in college sports, and to get a spot on a college-level team, it’s important to stand out. Let Absolute Video help cover your highlights by putting together a college recruitment video.

College Sports RecruitmentWhether in sports or in the professional world, making a great first impression is crucial to success. With video services from Absolute Video, your college sports recruitment video will not only give prospective coaches a great impression of you but make you stand out as well.

Putting together video highlights of your exploits from throughout the years, Absolute Video will create a highlight video that will make you look great to coaches and schools. A captivating compilation of your athletic achievements can truly make your application to play for a college team stand out when it reaches the recruiter’s desk.

Applications for the fall semester of next year are due soon, so now’s the time to get a recruitment video created for you to send in along with your application. Now is also a great time to start considering a video if you’re an underclassman looking to stand out to collegiate programs. Putting your video out there can help you get noticed by coaches, who can review your stats and achievements and reach out about recruiting you for their team.

Winter athletes can benefit from recruitment videos as well. Even though their season is just getting started, chances are you already have some videos and even some pictures that you can use to get your recruitment video either started or completed. Absolute Video will be able to take those and create a video that can help you get noticed. Starting on the process early can also be helpful in identifying skills that you want to highlight or work on, and help you put your best foot forward to help in your application process.

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition and get noticed by potential coaches, let Absolute Video put together a high-quality college sports recruitment video for you. To find out more or to inquire about any of our other video services, give us a us today at 203-234-0153!