Plays, Recitals and More: Capturing Childhood Performances

When our young ones get a part in a play or are performing in their end-of-season dance recital, we make sure we’re there to see it when the curtain goes up. Some even go as far as to recording it to make sure it is never forgotten. However, all of that can become a hassle as you may become more focused on the recording than enjoying that moment. If you want to be able to witness your child’s special moment through your own eyes and not a lens, let Absolute Video help you out.

Ballet PerformanceWe offer expert videography services that will help capture that special day so you can look back on it fondly for years to come. Our professional performance video services will capture every moment of a concert, play or recital, allowing you and your child to look back at it together and relive the moments in your own special way.

Recording that recital or play can not only serve as a fond memory but as an important tool to your child’s future as well. Should they decide they are good at what they do and would like to build a career out of it, they can use their previously recorded recitals and plays in their applications or tryouts for other groups.

Outside of recitals and artistic performances, video recording is also an option for sporting events, too. Whether you’re simply capturing a big game or working to put together a highlight reel to submit as part of a college recruitment application, we can record your child’s game and help put together a college recruitment video for your son or daughter. We’ll capture that huge game-winning goal or touchdown or that buzzer-beating three-point shot that sends the game to overtime – every moment you want to highlight in showing college-level teams that they should invite you to join their program.

At Absolute Video, we can also edit and make additions to the videos to help them to stand apart from other applicant’s videos. We can help stitch together just the performances your child participates in during a concert or recital or compile a highlight reel of your son or daughter’s best sports performances. Whatever you’re looking for, our expert video editors can help you put together a complete video package to enjoy for years to come.

If you’re looking to capture your child’s special moments forever in time, let Absolute Video help. For more information, call us today at 203-234-0153!