Video Production Company & Video Editing Services in New Britain CT

Whether you’re looking for a company that can handle industrial training video production for your business or searching for one to provide you with college recruitment/sports video production, Absolute Video is the name you can trust. For more than 30 years, we’ve been the New Britain, CT video production company that people have come to for all their video production needs. In addition to the services we’ve already mentioned, we also set you up with documentary videography, promotional video production, wedding videography, and website video production. We’ll use our experience to conceptualize ideas for you and bring them to life so you’re left with a video you love.

Professional Industrial Training Video Production in New Britain CT

If your business needs to put together an industrial training video production to teach your employees or clients how to properly use a piece of equipment or carry out a specific task, Absolute Video can offer you the services you’ll need to create it. You can choose to film your training video in a classroom or on a job site or do some combination of both. No matter which approach you decide to take, we’ll make your video look professional and break it up into chapters to make it easier for your employees and clients to digest. We’ve worked closely with many construction companies and other businesses to produce videos in the past, and we would be happy to serve as your video production company.

New Britain CT College Recruitment Video Production

Are you trying to capture the attention of college basketball or football coaches at the moment? Or do you want to increase your chances of your dream school accepting your college application? Let Absolute Video lend a hand with college recruitment/sports video production. We help create a highlight reel that shows your best stuff out on the court or field or utilize documentary videography to tell your story as an accomplished student. We also assist those interested in showcasing their talents in theater, dance, music, and the arts. We’ll deliver a polished video to you that sets you apart during your college pursuits.

Effective Promotional Product, Service or Branding Video Production in New Britain CT

The best way to drum up interest in a product or service your business is selling is by creating a promotional video production for it. Absolute Video can help show your company’s product or service in the best light by using everything from narration to music to photos. It doesn’t matter if you want to produce a short commercial clip or a longer website video production. Absolute Video will work with you every step of the way. We even add testimonials from your customers to your video to make it easier for you to build your brand up and earn customers’ trust.

Other New Britain CT Video Production Services:

– Dance Recitals

– family videos

– Wedding Videography

– Documentary Video Production

– TV Commercial Production

– Website Videos

– Infomercial Video Production

– Demo Video Production

New Britain CT Duplication and Digital Conversion Services

Absolute Video is a video production company committed to doing more than just producing videos for our customers. Outside of offering industrial training video production, college recruitment/sports video production, and more, we also provide duplication and digital conversion services that’ll make it simple to get your hands on copies of your finished video. We can supply the video to you on as many DVDs or CDs as you want and digitize your video in almost any format.

– DVD Duplication

– CD Duplication

– Digital Conversions

– External Hard Drives to MPEG4 or MP4 Format

– Mini-DVs to MPEG4 or MP4 Format

– AVI to MPEG4 or MP4 Format

– Quicktime to MPEG4 or MP4 Format

– Video Transfers

– Film to DVD

– Film 8mm Transfer to DVD, MPEG4, MP4, 4k, HD, AVI or H264

– Film 16mm Transfer to DVD, MPEG4, MP4, 4k, HD, AVI or H264

– Tape to DVD into all Media Formats

– Convert Slides and Pictures to DVD or Video Formats

– Animated Slideshows

– Image Slides to DVD

– Video Transfers and Conversions to Web Ready Formats

– Demo Video Production

Reach out to Absolute Video at 203-234-0153 to see why you should choose us to be your video production company.