Education & Training Video Production Services in Connecticut

HVAC & Electrical Equipment Training Videos For
AC or Heating Unit Operation or Maintenance

If you own an industrial company that relies on HVAC and electrical machines, you know how important it is for your employees to understand how to operate and maintain the equipment. One of the best ways to ensure they’re properly trained to use HVAC and electrical equipment is by creating professional training videos. Absolute Video specializes in providing training video production for industrial companies in Connecticut and we will provide you with the videos you need to properly train your employees.

Whether you want to shoot a training video in a classroom setting, on your job site, or some combination of the two, Absolute Video can cater to your company’s specific needs. We’ll speak with you about what you hope to gain from your training videos before coming up with a plan of action to bring your ideas to reality. Once we’re done gathering footage, we’ll use it to create easily digestible videos that stress the importance of safety to your employees while showing them how to operate and maintain HVAC and electrical equipment within your industrial facility.

The Use of QR Coding In Industrial Training

Absolute Video now utilizes the technology of QR (Quick Response) coding to bring all the information gathered at training right to your fingertips. All you have to do is scan the QR labels attached to your equipment and you are directed instantaneously to the video on our Vimeo website. No more searching for DVDS or files on a computer in the other room. You can view all information right at the certain piece of machinery or equipment in which your employee is going to be working on by pulling out your smartphone and scanning the QR code with the camera or barcode scanner. What a better way to see step by step procedures of perhaps setting an exerciser on an ATS or finding the history menu on a generator, or maybe where the freeze stat is on that AHU or HVAC equpiment!

Types of Training Production Services

We have made many types of training video production for industrial companies in Connecticut. You can use them to keep your employees safe and to help make your company more successful overall. Absolute Video has serviced major construction companies in CT and out-of-state, providing our industrial clients with professional training DVDs for operational and maintenance assistance. Learn about some of the specific types of training video production services that we can provide below.

  • Employee Training Video Production: When you hire new employees to work in your industrial facility, one of the first things you should do is train them on how to use your equipment. Educational training videos will show them everything they need to know and serve as a valuable reference for them to reference later. They’ll be able to get the interactive training that they need to perform routine tasks in your facility safely.

Some Examples of Training Videos Produced & Edited:

  • Orientation Training Videos
  • Onboarding Training Videos
  • Soft Skills Development Training
  • Technical Skills Development Training

Safety Training Video Production: No matter what kind of facility you operate or what type of business you own, safety should always be a top priority for you. You can emphasize the importance of safety to your employees and show them how to stay safe with a professional training video.

Management Training Video Production: The employees who work for your business are going to follow the lead of your company’s managers. Therefore, it’s prudent for you to provide all your managers with management training videos so that they know what’s expected of them at work. It’ll provide them with the knowledge that they need to teach the rest of your employees how to stay safe on the job and work more efficiently.

Product Training Video Production: Is your company preparing to introduce a new product into your workplace? Make sure your employees are familiar with it before they start using it day in and day out. With product training video production from Absolute Video, you can show them what they need to know about the product and how it works.

Service Training Video Production: If your employees are going to be carrying out a new service in the near future, show them how this service should be performed through the service training video production services available through Absolute Video. We can highlight the key aspects of a service so that your employees are all on the same page and know how it should be done.

Instructional Video Production: The employees at most companies are asked to perform many tasks throughout the course of a normal day. It can make it difficult for them to remember how to do all of them, especially if they haven’t been working for a company for a long time. Instructional video production from Absolute Video will allow you to create “how to” videos for the various tasks you ask your employees to do.

Computer or Software Tutorial Video Production: Make sure your employees know how to use company computer systems and customized software with a professional tutorial video.

Scenario Based Training Video Production: Have you ever wondered how your employees might react if they were placed into certain situations? Scenario based training video production will allow you to put your employees into different scenarios so that you can see how they would handle them. This will provide your employees with real-life experiences without subjecting them to real problems in your facility.

Other Types of Production for Educational Videos or Training Videos

  • Online Teaser Videos
  • Course Videos
  • Mandatory Training Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Business Training Videos
  • Classroom Education
  • Sales Team Training Videos
  • Induction and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Training Videos with Cartoon Animations

Training Video Chapters may include but not limited to:

  • Features
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Some of our clients include: Fusco Corporation, Turner Construction, Ducci Electric, Metro North, Rizzo Electric, Downes Construction, MJ Daly, Custom Electric, AD Tech Systems, BVH Integrated Services, Glibane, Sustainable Engineering Solutions, O & G Industries, Barr & Barr, SECOA, Automated Building Systems, Johnson Controls, Net Services, Pro-Mech Services, Banton Construction, J & B Mechanical Contractors & Dicin Electric.

Absolute Video is the company you can trust for all your training video production for industrial companies in Connecticut. Contact us at 203-234-0153 today to learn more about our services. All training video DVDs are delivered in a timely manner complete with customized cover; chapters are included to make searching through the DVD easier.