Industrial Training for Operation & Maintenance

Every industrial company has its own vision and operational techniques.  If you’re in the business of HVAC and electrical equipment, your maintenance staff or new employees will need to be introduced to the systems that are in the building. Absolute Video specializes in industrial training videos, so that companies can be clear in their operations.Absolute Video Industrial training video

We are the Experts

When you hire Absolute Video for your industrial training video project, you’re also getting the knowledge of a HVAC and Electrical Technician.  We have the knowledge in all aspects of mechanical and electrical applications. We know for example how important filter maintenance is in DOAS units with recovery wheels. We know where to find freezstats on AHUs. We also know how to reset alarms on the BMS system and how to override set points and identify that they are overridden. We make sure the nomenclature of the electrical panels are understood because each application has their own way of naming their equipment. We know about the importance of safety when dealing with electrical equipment and the results of arc flash if not handled correctly. We know all this information needs to be discussed and we make sure that it is included in the training.

The Benefits of Industrial Training Videos

The new employee or maintenance staff will benefit greatly from these videos. Why is it important? It’s important because when working in the industrial field dealing with HVAC and electrical, it is necessary to have the knowledge and expertise in case of any emergency. It betters the company in general.

Here is why:

  • Ensures safety
  • Expertise when providing service/product
  • Testimonial value
  • Cost-effective

Instead of using your time to explain the training, using video will help with the visual aspect because you will be dealing with a physical product. Employee turnaround is inevitable. By handing them a DVD or a file to be downloaded to their individual computer, they have access to all the information necessary to introduce and familiarize themselves to the equipment in the building. The information is always at hand as reference.

Absolute Video specializes in industrial training for operation and maintenance, and you can trust in our expertise that will reflect the quality and professionalism of your business. Contact us today at 203-234-0153!