Filming City Winter Holiday Events For The Web

If you live in a town that has a hallowed holiday tradition, it can be advantageous to record and post the special events in order for future advertising and tourism to take place. Having a whole week dedicated to the winter itself; maybe sprinkling in a parade, showcasing ice sculpture contests, pond hockey tournaments, and a Christmas light tour and contest can all bring in people from far and wide, as well as create revenue for the stores and accommodations who house the out-of-towners.

Families are always looking to find ways to celebrate the holidays in style, convincing them that your town is the place to be is the trick. But if outsiders aren’t aware of the specialty events that might take place or can’t see the value in traveling a particular distance just to see some lights on a tree, how can you persuade them that this event is something that they should plan to do every year?

Recording and Webcasting Your Holiday Events

Creating a video that features and advertises your city, its people, and the events can not only bring city pride, but also gives others who aren’t involved or living there a tinge of jealousy. That jealousy can be converted to envy, which can then drive them to want to see what the fuss is all about.

When the video is showing off a winter wonderland that the people of your city constructed, giving someone a glimpse of the hard work it took to pull off, the rewards can be infinite. Especially if the special events are recorded or if a stream is created and broadcasted live via webcast on YouTube.

Recording a parade, editing all the good parts in different angles and putting that to YouTube or Vimeo, can really draw an audience and if the videos go viral, bring tourism. The montage technique is perfect for this type of video.

Streaming live on a site of an astonishing ice sculpture contest or a thrilling hockey tournament, which can draw fans to as well, there is even a feature to how many visitors are watching on the site, the reach of the video, and see what events are working and which aren’t.Filming City Winter Holiday Events For The Web

So if you are looking to piece this all these events together and give your town or city some recognition, having a professional videographer film your holiday events is the way to go.

If you live in the North Haven, CT area, Absolute Video can feature and exhibit any and all events you might have for any season. We are committed to making your video the best, with a myriad of production and post-production solutions. Have an event that is Made For TV, Absolute Video can help bring that to life as well. For more information contact Absolute Video today.