Film to DVD

Absolute Video is your Connecticut Film to DVD conversion company, putting your original film footage into long-lasting and high-quality DVDs.  From family videos to historic films, archival footage and more, we take film of all types and transfer it to modern digital media.  You can share, watch, duplicate and enjoy your old footage more easily in digital format, and you will not have to worry about the film breaking down over time and losing its original beauty.

Absolute Video converts 8mm film, tapes, High-8 and other media types into digital compilations.  You no longer have to sort through reels and sheets of film to find what you’re looking for, or you heavy projector screens to watch them.

With DVDs archiving your tapes, you will be able to more easily store, transfer, share and watch your footage.  Absolute Video will also add title text, music and additional effects to make your videos exceptional.

Keep your memories alive on DVD and contact Absolute Video to have your footage transferred.


  • $.16/ft plus $15 DVD charge
  • MP4 file plus $25

*You can fit up to 1800 ft of regular 8 on a single DVD, 2000 ft Super 8 & 4200ft of 16 mm film.

All formats (regular & super 8, 16mm) please download chart below to determine the amount of footage you have.