Drone Photography Use in Construction

Drone Application In ConstructionTechnology keeps moving forward at a rapid pace. Drones once thought to be used for military personnel have now reached the mainstream. Among the many applications, the construction industry has benefited tremendously.

Site inspection prior to construction allows a birds eye view with the use of a drone.

Excavators as well as developers benefit in seeing an overall view of the terrain for the future site of their project. Pictures taken during different intervals of the project can give accurate progress reports.

HVAC Equipment Inspections Using a Drone

Now easy access is at the fingertips of a pilot flying a drone to inspect HVAC equipment on top buildings that are sometimes unreachable. Careful inspection can be possible with a 4k camera mounted on a drone taking video footage or pictures. Leaks, wire damage, and rust are among the many issues that can be readily detected.

Absolute video provides video training for all aspects of HVAC, Electrical, & Fire Protection. Having drone coverage is a great accompaniment to this service

We meet with you prior to flight to determine the best possible angles as well as safety issues
and regulations. Our pilots have years of flight experience and have completed all training necessary to obtain an FAA Drone Certification. You can trust Absolute Video to meet your needs in all aspects of construction training, surveying & inspection