Documentary Videographer & Production Company

Absolute Video uses photos, video footage, title text, special effects and post-production effects to create documentaries that tell fascinating and illuminating stories.

Our professional videographers, photographers and video editors use all of the tools and experience at their disposal to tell your story, conveying a clear message with authentic emotion.

Our documentary samples show a small selection of our experiences as videographers and the interesting real stories we have had a chance to tell.

Watch the video “4th Nail” from Ann Chadderton to see an untold story on race and culture in America, told with real-time video footage and detailed film editing. The Vimeo video “Sam” from Ann Chadderton shows a family’s experience with autism and provides unique insight into the disorder, as well as a touching story of family strength, love and perseverance.

If you are working on a documentary and you are looking for professional videographers and editors, or you have video footage and you want to show a compelling documentary story, contact us at Absolute Video today.