Documentary Videographer & Production Company

Are you interested in putting together a documentary to share an interesting story with the world? Absolute Video is renowned for being one of the preeminent documentary production companies in Connecticut and we can help you every step of the way. We use a blend of photos, video footage, title text, special effects, and post-production effects to bring your documentary to life. You can sit back and focus on making your story when you put us in charge of handling all the technical aspects of your documentary.

At Absolute Video, we have a team of professional videographers, photographers, and video editors who have all the tools and experience it takes to provide you with professional documentary filming services. No matter the theme of your documentary, we’ll help you convey a clear and cohesive message throughout it and fill it with authentic emotion so that it connects with your audience.

What is Documentary Video Production?

There are many overlapping elements that need to be ironed out to create a successful documentary. From gathering photos and video clips to holding interviews and making sure they look as professional as possible, Absolute Video can help you bring everything together while using the style that you want and emphasizing the right tone. We go above and beyond to make sure your documentary features high-quality production values from start to finish. It’ll make your documentary more successful and ensure that your audience appreciates it, regardless of what it’s subject matter.

Types of Documentary Films Produced & Edited by Absolute Video

  • Expository Documentary
  • Poetic Documentary
  • Participatory Documentary
  • Off-Screen Narration
  • Impressionistic
  • Observational Documentary
  • Reflexive Documentary
  • Performative
  • Linear
  • Discursive
  • Experimental Documentary

Documentary Production Examples from Absolute Video

Would you like to see what sets Absolute Video apart from other documentary production companies in Connecticut? Our documentary samples show a small selection of our experiences as videographers and reveal a few of the interesting stories that we’ve had a chance to tell while working with past clients.

Watch the video, “4th Nail,” from Ann Chadderton to see an untold story about race and culture in America. We used real-time video footage and detailed film editing to tell this story. Or check out the Vimeo video, “Sam,” from Ann Chadderton to see one family’s experience with autism. The video provides unique insight into the disorder and uncovers a touching story involving family strength, love, and perseverance.

Are you currently search for videographers to do documentary filming for you? Or would you like to work with a documentary video production company to turn video footage that you already have into a compelling documentary? Contact us at 203-234-0153 today to see why so many documentary makers have called on us when looking for documentary production companies in Connecticut.