Digital Files Offer Convenience – But Don’t Forget a Physical Backup

As music and video technology advances, the world is moving further away from the days of compact discs and DVDs. Gone are those vast music collections filled with CD case after CD case, and the DVD collections that take up entire rooms are becoming a thing of the past.

Even though these pieces of physical media are quickly being phased out, there is still an important use for these types of physical storage – as a backup to your most precious music, films and videotaped memories.

Of course, digital media has its perks. It is easy to cram thousands of songs onto your iPod and keep your videos stored on your computer. Plus, by swapping files from device to device, it’s never been easier to play your media nearly anywhere with the touch of a button. But what happens if that digital copy is lost or destroyed?

You may want to think about having a contingency plan in place. To that end, consider backing up and duplicating your media on a physical disk.

Some memories are just too important to lose, and most of these memories are captured in a digital format. Imagine losing track of your wedding video or the recording of your son or daughter’s dance recital. It would be a heartbreaking loss of memories that can never be recovered in a visual form. Don’t take the risk – put it on a disk!

The good news is that the duplication process is a simple and affordable one, especially when you get the job done with Absolute Video. We transfer your digital files onto reliable, high-quality DVDs or CDs so that you can be assured that your backup copies will last a lifetime.

We handle orders big and small, so whether you are making a single backup disk, need to make a few copies for your family or want to mass-produce copies for a larger audience, we’ve got you covered. When you have a digital and physical copy of your most treasured memories, you are not only giving yourself the ease of reliving those memories, but the confidence that those memories will stay intact forever.

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