Digital Conversion & Video Transfers in Connecticut

The web has transformed visual media, making it easier than ever to watch, share and play videos of all types. Viewers everywhere around the world can now watch videos and take part in memories and historic events from every period in time. The media to which we have created these memorable moments has also come along way, from film to tape to mpeg4.

Video Transfers – External Hard Drives, Mini-DVs, AVI, Quicktime to MPEG4

Video transfers to web ready formats makes this possible, allowing video owners to post and share videos online at any time. Absolute Video transfers media of all types to web ready formats and can transfer any visual footage you have into digital formats you can share and use. Gather all those film reels, tapes, and slides that are cluttering your closet and call Absolute Video to digitally transfer all those memories onto a compact flash drive or external hard drive. 

We still do DVD transfers as well.

Digital Transfers – Film (8mm & 16mm) Transfer to DVD for Connecticut Residents

Mpeg 4 is the most compatible file for both PC & Mac. Absolute Video also offers other formats such as 4k, HD, AVI, H264 and Apple ProRes if you need to convert to these formats for production.  We can also convert those old audio cassettes to MP3 or AIFF(CD) for your listening pleasure.