Dance Recitals

Dance students spend months preparing their routines, practicing and getting ready for their big performance. Their dance recitals show the culmination of their efforts, whether they are just beginning as children or they have trained for years and are ready to take their talents to the professional level.

Dancer's Gallery from Ann Chadderton on Vimeo.

Absolute Video captures these years of dutiful effort and gives families, friends and dancers exceptional records that they can look back on fondly for years to come.

Absolute Video prepares superior video records for occasions of all kinds. From your children’s first dance recital up to their teenage years and beyond, we make an exemplary record of each performance, show each student’s progress as they continue to learn, as well as their most shining moments.

By adding pictures, music, animations and other editing effects with the crystal-clear video footage, we make a dance recital montage that shows the whole story and brings each performance to life.

Record these amazing dance moments with professional videography and editing, that way you can relive each recital and the joy of every moment. Take a look at the video samples of other recitals and see what our team can do for you.