Creating Effective Training Videos For New Staff

creating training videos

One of the major aspects of living in a highly technological and digital world is that for many, it has changed the way they learn and retain information. Research studies have shown that as a whole, our attention spans have become shorter. With increased and simplified access to the exact information we are seeking, we have simultaneously shortened our attention spans.


Research studies also show that people tend to have an easier time learning and understanding new material, when it is viewed on video. The ability to see and hear the information acts as an effective way to absorb more in shorter periods of time. For most of us who have worked in corporate and office environments, we understand the valuable role that a video course or training can play. Videos are a great avenue for capturing and holding our attention while at the same time, reinforcing a thought or idea.


Videos have what we call a dual-encoding process; meaning that viewers are seeing and hearing the information at the same time. Some training experts will even argue that videos have a triple-encoding process; as they cause viewers to also read the information on the screen, even though it is also spoken by a voice-over or virtual trainer. Sight, hearing, and verbal repetition appear to be the magical combination for learners. Training videos offer a way for new employees and staff to receive the benefits of this triple-encoding process; and thereby allowing companies to achieve greater results from their staff training.


In simplest terms; videos help people to remember information and store it in their long-term memory banks. The key is to invest in professionally made training videos, because amateurs can make some very serious technical errors that can reduce their effectiveness.


The video title, voice-overs, and visuals, must be in sync. An amateur video maker may not know the importance of this fact, or may not be able to produce these desired effects. This is the main reason why it is not wise to skimp on the production of training videos. Money will be spent on a lesser quality product that ultimately does not successfully deliver as well as it should.


A high quality training video will help staff members and new employees learn quicker and more thoroughly. For more information on creating training videos for your company, visit our site and feel free to give us a call to chat about how we can help you create a better employee experience.