Create Training Videos for Your Team

There are many different corporate and industrial career opportunities out in the world, and as people join your organization, it’s important to get them up to speed on your processes, systems and operations as quickly, consistently and efficiently as possible.

There’s more to bringing someone new aboard than simply attracting the most qualified employees. You need to also get them all on the same page. If everyone is working toward the same goal, your business will be stronger. That’s why many companies throw around the word “synergy,” but the truth is that it works! This sounds easy, but this can be a very difficult thing to accomplish.

What differentiates your corporation from the next is way you go about conducting business and training up your new hires. Getting all of your employees familiar with your processes and procedures is a daunting challenge, but creating training videos are an excellent way to teach new employees about your business’ unique workflow and strengthen synergy.

At Absolute Video we focus on clarity and production value. Each new topic can be conveyed through a title card, and we use utilize wireless microphones to make sure instructions are as clear as possible. We can film trainee sessions, or schedule individual filming times to create different training sessions around different times. Absolute Video gives you the flexibility that is best for the way you operate, while providing you with a training video that sums up work company’s inner workings in a clear manner.

We never interfere with your workflow; we simply capture it on camera for you to use for educational purposes. We have done videos for Fusco Corporation, Metro North, Sustainable Energy Solutions, Automated Building Systems many more companies in Connecticut and throughout the region. All of these businesses train their employees through Absolute Video’s services, and they are some of the best!

Having a training video for new team members ensures that each new hire gets the same experience and learns the same information, streamlining your hiring and training process. If you’re looking to make your new-hire training more fast and convenient, give Absolute Video a call today at 203-234-0153.

Mechanical Columbia University from Ann Chadderton on Vimeo.