College Recruitment Video

Getting into the college of choice is very similar to landing that perfect job. You spend so much time preparing, doing everything right so that your resume is consumed by good deeds, grades, and accomplishments. Then, you highlight your talents before those who have the final say, only hoping you have made an impact in order to get in.

College recruiters have particular criteria for choosing the right students to attend their school. With a high number of high school students vying for the same college, one must think outside of the box to get noticed.

Aside from submitting high school transcripts and letters of recognition from esteemed teachers, you could create a video that showcases your talent, smarts, and how you can be an asset to the collegiate population. With a video, colleges will note your dedication for getting into the college of choice.

Create The Best Video Of Your High School Accomplishments & AchievementsCollege Recruitment Video

Your video doesn’t have to be about just one talent of yours. You can create a “collage” per se of your biggest accomplishments that college admissions look for. Volunteer or charity works, sports, participation in academic organizations for example, are all ideas to incorporate into your video. To really stand out, you can add music, slides and commentary from teachers, friends, parents, and school administrators.

Tackling creating a video for college admission can be a very big task. Hiring a professional to not only shoot the video, but to also add special effects can be beneficial. A professional videographer has the equipment to edit the video as well, ensuring the best content gets included.

Consider your well-produced video as an extension of your high school resume. Both will show your commitment to making that lasting first impression. For quality video assistance, contact Absolute Video today.