Celebrating Graduation Memories For Years To Come

It’s that time of year again! Are you excited for all of the ceremony, the parties, the pomp and circumstance? The beginning of the summer is the beginning of the graduation season, and you’ll surely be invited to a number of grad parties and ceremonies for friends and relatives. But, if you’re attending a ceremony for someone special in your life (like your children), don’t you want to have a way to remember the special day?

Photos of graduation ceremonies are great, but they usually end up a bit blurry or depict the grad’s face from far away, in a sea of caps and gowns that show off the school color.

How about a professional video?

While you’re sitting in the audience at the graduation ceremony, you don’t want to be that annoying family member who keeps moving closer to the stage to get a good photo. Rather than missing the ceremony while you’re messing with your camera or video camera, let the professionals worry about that so that you can sit back and enjoy the moment.

Absolute Video can help record your loved one’s graduation ceremony. We’ll make sure to get great close up shots, and we’ll make sure we’re in a good spot when it’s your loved one’s turn to walk across the stage.

Plus, rather than you having to sift through hours of images and video to find the right moment, we’ll edit the whole thing for you into a beautiful representation of a special day that you and your loved one will remember for many years to come. Contact us today for more information!