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The Importance of Your Wedding Video

Wedding Videography

Not many of us realize how important a wedding video is. When you look to the future of your married life, it’s important to have shared memories, and when you can watch a video highlighting those memories, it makes them all that much better. 2020 brought us a year of grief and tragedy from the… Read more »

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Videographer for Your Wedding

As wedding videos become an increasingly popular medium to reflect on that special day, the need for wedding videographers has grown and grown. But many of you are probably wondering: How do I know who’s best? Wedding videos are different than wedding photos—they require a different level of technical expertise and vision. But with these… Read more »

Why Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding is a Necessity

Each small detail and exciting big moment of your wedding day deserves attention and recognition; after all, this is the time you have excruciatingly planned for and anticipated for months. From the little moments you miss to the times you want to relive; a wedding video is something to take advantage of. If there is… Read more »

Planning a Wedding? Don’t Forget Video and Photos!

The holidays are a beautiful time to get engaged. Surrounded by family and friends and feeling full of holiday spirit, adding a sparkling engagement ring can only make this time of year more magical. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, many happy couples are finding themselves newly engaged and ready to start wedding planning. The holidays… Read more »

Capture Every Moment with Wedding Videography

After months and months of planning, you will want to savor every moment of your wedding day. You’ll choose the venue, cake, dinner menu and the perfect dress, but, you may realize you are missing one important thing: an excellent wedding videographer. A videographer will capture every moment of your wedding day – even some… Read more »

The Importance of Converting Your VHS Tapes to DVD

    If you were a part of the VHS generation, you know how many tapes most of us have gathered over those years; from our favorite films, concerts, and sit-coms, to special family moments, like weddings and graduations. The VHS era holds a lot of treasured life moments within it; and now that we… Read more »

Why Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding?

Your wedding day is going to bring a whirlwind of emotion and chaos (the good kind!) that it is going to make it hard to remember every detail. There will be moments that you are going to wish you can replay over and over again; the look on your husband’s face as he catches a… Read more »