Building Your Brand Through Video Marketing

We’re living in an age where a strong brand is necessary to your company’s success.

It’s a way to represent who you are to the general public and get your pitch across in a way that’s not only impressionable, but also, effective.

One of the key elements to building a strong brand is video marketing. But not just any video will do—proper video marketing takes strategy, and execution.

Introduce yourself

Rather than flashy photos of your business, or a PowerPoint presentation-like approach, you can use video to create a more personal introduction: tell your audience who you are, and what your brand is all about.

Clients want to know what they’re getting right up front, and why they should trust you, of all brands, to deliver it. This introductory video is best placed on the homepage of your website.

After all, first impressions are best made on the homepage!

Make a web commercial that stands out

Video Marketing Concept

In a powerful 30 to 120 second spot, you can create a web commercial, more popular now than ever before. As we have mentioned, people consume information best not through text, but visuals!

Check out a few of the promotional videos and web commercials we have created for our clients here!

Hear from your fans

This is a tried and true video marketing technique that we’re sure you’ve seen before: testimonials.

Customers who have had good experiences with your brand can give their positive feedback in a video, helping other potential clients get a feel for your brand and reputation. For those looking to build their customer base, this is your way to do it!

Here’s an interview that we loved working on at Absolute Video that would be the perfect setup for a testimonial for your business!

Teach something

In the age of YouTube, ‘How to’ videos are all the rage. Consumers love to learn some quick expertise on any given subject and establishing that authority will go a long way in getting customers to trust your brand. So, go ahead and take to the chalkboard!

Video marketing can lift your brand to that next level of recognition. For all of your video and web commercial production needs, call on the experts at Absolute Video!

Our team is standing by to help your business thrive in the digital age. Give us a call at 203-234-0153 today to learn more about working with us!