Routine, Procedure & Orientation
Video Production Services

Creating a walk through video for your new residents can be an advantageous venture. Absolute Video can create a seamless view of your new space complete with narration and graphics.

Introduction to New Office or School Buildings

School Walk-Through Introduction & Orientation Videography

Allowing your viewers to see their new working or living quarters ahead of time will ease the new transition and provide a more comfortable experience. Children can see their new school and better acquaint themselves with the new surroundings. Seeing the inside of their school ahead of time will limit the first day jitters. Having all this on video will provide you the freedom of not having to walk the building numerous times. Also the new COVID-19 safety measures of not walking with large groups with be practiced.

Workplace Walk-Through Videos

For your employees seeing the building and its layout ahead of time will offer the same advantages. Employees can familiarize themselves with different office locations, floor occupants, as well as lounge and bathroom facilities. Accompany this with safety and ethic practices and you have a complete visual employee handbook!

Why Choose Us For Your Routine and Procedure Videos?

Absolute Video can help make sure your presentation is clear in its intent. We can provide scripting, narration, music and graphics. Internet links to your video will make for quick and easy delivery. Or simply download to your building’s website.

We can work within your budget to provide the best possible program for your facility. Please allow us to share the pride of your new building in the best possible light!