Video Production Company & Video Editing Services in Branford CT

Are you interested in putting together an industrial training video production for your company, or are you searching for a video production company in Branford, CT to provide you with wedding videography? Absolute Video can set you up with these services and much more. For over 30 years, we’ve provided our clients with everything from college recruitment/sports videos and documentary videography to promotional video production and website video production. From start to finish, we can bring your video production ideas to life and deliver a finished product that is exactly what you want.

Professional Industrial Training Video Production in Branford CT

We understand how important it is for many construction companies and other businesses to produce high-quality training videos for their employees. Absolute Video is the video production company you can come to when you need industrial training video production. Whether you want to film in a classroom or on location, we capture videos that will showcase the lessons you want to teach during training sessions. We also deliver training videos to you quickly and package them up with professional covers to make them official.

Branford CT College Recruitment Video Production

Standing out from the crowd is tough when you’re trying to attract interest from a college. Do it with the college recruitment/sports video production services available through Absolute Video. We make sure you’re on the radar of college coaches by creating a video featuring your best sports highlights or use documentary videography to tell your story while showcasing your academic achievements or your talents in theater, dance, music, or the arts.

Effective Promotional Product, Service or Branding Video Production in Branford CT

Your company might produce the best product in the world or offer a service no one else can match. But these things won’t do you much good if you don’t promote them properly. Absolute Video can help you spread the word about products or services through promotional video production. We’re the Branford, CT video production company you can count on to capture a 30-second spot for TV or a longer website video production for the internet. We’ll use music, narration, photos, and more to shine a spotlight on your company’s product or service.

Other Branford CT Video Production Services:

  • – Dance Recitals
  • – family videos
  • – Wedding Videography
  • – Documentary Video Production
  • – TV Commercial Production
  • – Website Videos
  • – Infomercial Video Production
  • – Demo Video Production

Branford CT Duplication and Digital Conversion Services

When you come to Absolute Video for industrial training video production, college recruitment/sports video production, or any of our other services, we’ll do more than just help you produce an amazing video. We’ll also provide you with copies of the video when we’re all finished creating it. You can get access to as many DVDs as you want or have your video converted to digital to distribute online.

  • – DVD Duplication
  • – CD Duplication
  • – Digital Conversions
  • – External Hard Drives to MPEG4 or MP4 Format
  • – Mini-DVs to MPEG4 or MP4 Format
  • – AVI to MPEG4 or MP4 Format
  • – Quicktime to MPEG4 or MP4 Format
  • – Video Transfers
  • – Film to DVD
  • – Film 8mm Transfer to DVD, MPEG4, MP4, 4k, HD, AVI or H264
  • – Film 16mm Transfer to DVD, MPEG4, MP4, 4k, HD, AVI or H264
  • – Tape to DVD into all Media Formats
  • – Convert Slides and Pictures to DVD or Video Formats
  • – Animated Slideshows
  • – Image Slides to DVD
  • – Video Transfers and Conversions to Web Ready Formats
  • – Demo Video Production

Contact Absolute Video at 203-234-0153 today to rely on us to be your Branford, CT video production company.