Video Production Company in Bloomfield CT

Absolute Video has been one of the leading video production companies in the Tri-State area for more than 35 years. Particularly in our home state of CT and city of Bloomfield, Absolute Video offers a wide range of production services including promotional videos, branding, industrial training, & event videography. Being in the business for so many years we have seen many changes in the industry and have adapted to meet those changes. We keep up with the latest in technology and video production editing software. So If you are looking to promote an idea or improve your website or maybe perhaps help your staff learn more about their facility Absolute Video can help you every step of the way, from conception to completion.

Industrial Training Video Production in Bloomfield, CT

Over the past 3 decades Absolute Video has been involved in creating  training videos for a variety of construction companies and sub contractors. We are completely knowledgable in all HVAC and Electrical Equipment as well as any architectural applications. This knowledge comes with professional videographers who will capture information necessary for operation maintenance as well as safety precautions of the systems in the facility. With the recent exclusion of the DVD and the transformation into mp4 files, Absolute Video now also incorporates QR coding labels for easy access to the training on our Vimeo website. Information now is instantaneous and accessible with a just a tap on your phone.

Promotional or Branding in Bloomfield, CT

Need to make your company stand out among the rest? Absolute Video can help you with branding and promotion of your business, small or large. We have staff members who can provide you with not only an eye catching logo, or captivating video on your website, but also jingles and tag lines. We have award winning, creative staff members that have musical abilities to make your clients hum your jingle throughout the day. With the recent addition of our drone pilots we can offer spectacular vistas and birds eye views of your business making your production purely cinematic. You can trust us in giving you the most professional creative promotion of your business or idea.

Other Bloomfield CT Video Production Services

  • Dance Recitals
  • Family Videos
  • Wedding Videography
  • Documentary Video Production
  • TV commercial Production
  • Website Videos
  • Infomercial Video Production
  • Demo Video Production

Bloomfield CT Duplication and Digital Conversion Services

Absolute Video keeps up with the continual changes in how we view our media.

Recent changes in DVD accessibility has brought us to the flash drive mp4 world of transportation. So whether you still prefer the DVD format for distribution or prefer a flash drive,we can accommodate your need.  We still provide:

  • DVD duplication
  • CD Duplication
  • External Hard Drives to Mp4, MOV, HD1080P,HD 720P, SD 480P, Red-Blue 3D Mp4, Left-Right 3D Mp4, 4K
  • 8mm, 16mm to DVD or file
  • Convert Slides & Pictures to DVD or File formats,
  • Animated Slideshows