Using Videos to Help with Construction Based Training

Teaching someone the ins and outs of a manual labor job like construction, electrical work or plumbing can be difficult in relaying the message properly with text. These types of jobs are on site, using your hands and the best way to learn them is to do them. Not unlike any other job, some sort… Read more »

Choosing The Right Music For Your Wedding Video

The right music can make a huge difference in your wedding video. There’s a lot of things to consider when putting the final touches on the wedding video. Remember, it’s something you’ll hold onto for a long time and should always fill you with emotion when you watch it. Music has the ability to trigger… Read more »

YouTube All Day, It’s Possible

Earlier in the week, YouTube announced they were launching an app for the popular video game console from Sony, PS3. YouTube is the largest platform for viewing videos online. You can watch just about anything on YouTube. Youtube, who is also partnered with Google, has a new plan to basically become a part of your… Read more »