Creating Effective Training Videos For New Staff

One of the major aspects of living in a highly technological and digital world is that for many, it has changed the way they learn and retain information. Research studies have shown that as a whole, our attention spans have become shorter. With increased and simplified access to the exact information we are seeking, we… Read more »

The Importance of Creating TV Commercials for Your Business

Television commercials are catchy, in your face advertising that is proven effective. Although specific TV channels do have a specific audience, a TV channel will have tens, if not hundreds, of different types of programs every day, which draws in a large and diverse crowd. Therefore, television advertising can reach an audience who never would… Read more »

Why Web Videos are Great for Your Business

If you’ve been trying to think of a great way to get your business’s message across on your website and social media sites, we encourage you to think outside of the computer screen. We have noticed over here at Absolute Video that all of our favorite websites contain not just great written content and captivating… Read more »

Setting Your College Application Up For Success [Videos]

  Applying for grad school to get your dream degree? Or trying to get a scholarship at a division 1 school? Your application, along with thousands of others will be sitting in a pile waiting to be picked through. When there is so much competition out there, you have to find a way to make yourself stand… Read more »

Hire Videographers for Viral Wedding Dance Videos!

Some of the most memorable moments of a wedding are those that you capture and you can watch over and over. Your favorite uncle leaving it all on the dance floor, or the planned 1st dance with your new spouse, or bridal party that you have been working on endlessly for the past 4 months… Read more »

Five Unique Ways to Add to Your Wedding Video

Your Wedding is a day that you will remember forever. There is nothing better than having your videographer think outside the box to make your video even more memorable. Here are five unordinary ways to make your video different. Proposal Video – Do you know that your proposal is right around the corner? Alternatively, are… Read more »

Welcome to Absolute Video and Photo

Welcome to Absolute Video and Photo. Please enjoy our videos and let us show you the power of Absolute Video and Photo. Please also check back from time to time as we begin updating our new blog!!

Will Venue Lighting Change Your Wedding Video?

When planning your wedding you want to make sure that everything is perfect. Many brides when they come to talk about the wedding video or the wedding pictures don’t put too much thought about the lighting in the reception venue. The majority of wedding receptions happen at night or dusk and the negative part about… Read more »

Should Guests Film Your Wedding?

Three Reasons You Don’t Want a Good Friend to Film Your Wedding Capturing your wedding on video is a great way to encapsulate the beauty and romance of your special day. Sometimes, couples consider asking a friend or relative to handle the video for the night. It’s great to document it on camera, but you… Read more »