Aerial Drone Photography & Video Services in North Haven, CT

As technology continues to move forward, so too must the industry of photography and videography. Absolute Video is proud to introduce our NEW Drone services. Aerial photo and video were once considered to be either impossible or required very expensive helicopter services. Now, for a fraction of the cost, drones can provide stunning and breathtaking photos and videos for an endless list of applications. Some of these include, but are not limited to, new construction and development, HVAC inspection, luxury properties and real estate, website video programs, commercials and so much more. Our drone pilots are knowledgeable, experienced and FAA Part 107 certified.

New Construction & Development Projects
in Connecticut & The Surrounding Areas

Capture an entire construction or development project from beginning to end, monitor progress and inspect work with the power of drone technology. Whether it’s through a series of photos or high quality 4K video, drones can provide an opportunity to archive and showcase your work. We now have the ability capture video and photo from various angles in the sky and up to 400 ft. above the structure surface. More specifically, we provide training videos for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire safety. Adding drone technology to this service allows for inspection of HVAC and other equipment that would otherwise be unreachable using conventional photography and videography. Inspect damage, leaks, rust and more with the power of drone photography.

Aerial Videos & Drone Photography for
Real Estate Marketing or Listings

Marketing real estate property is difficult, and the competition is brutal. Stand above the rest and take your real estate listings to a whole new level with drone photography and videos. Differentiating your listing by using drone footage can make all the difference. Drone photography and video are an excellent way to showcase a properties acreage, landscapes, mountain and ocean vistas and other features of the property. With the ability to fly up hundreds of feet you can also show what the surrounding area looks like such as lakes, parks and schools. Any real estate listing can greatly benefit from professional quality drone photos and video!

Website Videos & Commercials For Businesses

Take your website videos and commercials to a whole new level with sky high videos, sweeping shots and vast panoramas. A professionally shot commercial or introduction video can be crucial in highlighting your product and attracting new customers. The high cost production in using a helicopter or other manned aircraft to capture video and photo is now exponentially lower with drones. Any website or business can have cinema-like production for a fraction of the cost.