3 Ways to Create a College Recruitment Video That Coaches Will Notice

Your college recruitment video is your opportunity to showcase your personality, talents, and the reason why you deserve a spot on the team. Coaches will be looking for particular traits in each video and being able to convey your value in just a few short minutes is an important feat.

Here are a few key elements that will ensure a successful college recruitment video and catch the eye of your potential coach.

Put your best foot forwardWhat to Include in a Sports Highlight Video

Your future coach has little time, and even less patience, so it’s essential to your success that you keep your highlight reel brief and choose your clips wisely. Within that short amount of time, you need to make a good first impression in order to give the coach a reason to keep watching. You want the coach to see who you are as a person and a player, so hit them with the best clips right out of the gate.

Coaches are looking for versatility

Endless minutes of the same play over and over again is mundane and frankly not appealing to a coach looking for a leader and diverse player. Show your individualism and how you succeed as a single player but be sure to showcase who you are as a team member as well. Coaches and recruiters will be looking for someone who encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Showcasing the quality of your skills requires a high-quality video

Recruitment videos that are of low-quality tend to fall to the bottom of the pile quickly. So, remember that a successful college recruitment video includes: good film quality, good sound quality, and good ‘you’ quality.

Your college recruitment video is the first thing your potential coach will see from you, and you don’t want it to be the last. At Absolute Video, we have the skills and expertise necessary to mold your collection of tapes and photographs into a seamless and impressive college recruitment video. Give us a call at 203-234-0153 today to learn more about our professional services!